Lazarus Tutorial #1 - Learning programming

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At the beginning of this video I will start with a short overview of learning programming. Moreover I will continue with the installation of the Lazarus IDE. We will use Lazarus (Free Pascal) to start with small applications and to reach a basic programming knowledge. In the end of this video series you should be able to develop your own applications for Windows, Linux and Mac. Moreover you should have understood the concept of programming and the necessary knowledge to continue your journey. It's also possible to do this tutorial with Delphi.

Published: 2016-08-03
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Tags: Lazarus, Tutorial, Programming, Learning, Applications, Windows, Linux, Mac


In this video, you have learned:

  • Programming languages
    • High variety of programming languages
    • The understanding of programming is an important skill
    • Differ in concepts and the effort to achieve a specific goal
  • Presentation of Lazarus
    • IDE – Integrated development environment
    • Using the Free Pascal compiler
    • Programming language: Object Pascal
  • Guide: Installing Lazarus on Windows