Lazarus Tutorial #11 - Using the debugger

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The debugger is a fundamental and really important tool. In this video we will use it to find problems and to better understand the behaviour of our application. In the end of this video series you should be able to develop your own applications for Windows, Linux and Mac. Moreover you should have understood the concept of programming and the necessary knowledge to continue your journey.

Published: 2016-12-06
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Tags: Lazarus, Tutorial, Programming, Learning, Applications, Windows, Linux, Mac, Debugger, Watches, Variables, Errors


In this video, you have learned:

  • Build modes
    • Enable debugging information
    • Create debug and release mode
    • Comparison of file size between debug and release
  • Breakpoints
    • Set breakpoints
    • Set into/over/out
    • Conditions
    • Hitscount
  • Local variables
    • Observe local expressions
  • Watches
    • Observe local and global expressions
    • Inspect
  • Call stack
    • Observe the call stack
    • Find the line of a calling locations
  • Memory leaks
    • Detect a memory leak