Lazarus Tutorial #3 - Variables and data types (theory)

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This video continues the learning programming series. We will talk about variables and data types. The theory of this video is fundamental for programming and will be used in future videos. In the end of this video series you should be able to develop your own applications for Windows, Linux and Mac. Moreover you should have understood the concept of programming and the necessary knowledge to continue your journey.

Published: 2016-08-04
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Tags: Lazarus, Tutorial, Programming, Learning, Applications, Windows, Linux, Mac, Data Types, Variables


In this video, you have learned:

  • Variable
    • Identifier (symbolic name) with an associated value
    • Local definition (inside a procedure or function)
  • Data types
    • Boolean - true or false
    • Integer – a integer/whole number
      • Ranges of shortint, smallint, integer, int64
      • Singed: negative and positive values; unsigned: just positive values
    • Single and double
    • Char - just one character
    • String - a text / array of char
  • Operations with variables
    • concatenation (append a string to another string)
    • calculates with integers