Portrait of Miguel Bebensee


My name is Miguel and I’m a software engineer from Germany. Back in 2008, I started software development with Delphi 7 and decided to work commercial 3 years later. As time went by, I learned more and more with a special focus on custom-built software. The development of database and server / client systems belongs to my main tasks. However, I really enjoy the diversity in my everyday life.


  • First Contact with Programming - Learning QBasic

    Actually, my first programming experience started with QBasic. I found an online article covering information about programming with QBasic. After a while, I developed simple console applications using variables, loops and conditions.

  • Started with Delphi 7

    QBasic was interesting but extremely limited. A half year later, my secondary school offered a Delphi extracurricular activity and I decided to join it. Delphi 7 offered a whole new world including graphical software development. It was a great time and I learned very motivated.

  • Created Delphi-Tutorials.tk and first Tutorials

    Two years later, I decided to share my knowledge and created tutorials about interesting small applications. I published a website with free web hosting and a so-called domain.

  • First Occupation as Software Engineer

    Thanks to my online presence, I soon got my first job. Therefore, I had to learn more about Firebird databases. I developed small information systems which supported business processes and used Firebird databases as backend. In addition, I developed my first complex PSQL constructs, which correlate data in the million range or synchronize smaller record stocks, for example.

  • Second Occupation as Software Engineer (current job)

    From my first occupation, I switched to the second. This time, my focus was on complex database systems, server / client systems, networking, replication, cloud systems and again custom-built software. One of my biggest projects was the replication of a few hundred customer information systems. Therefore, I developed multiple database server generations, a complex tunnel system and scripting for replication. The system is running still, replicating a few hundreds of millions records.

  • Finished Secondary School with Abitur

    Finally, I finished my secondary school and got the permissions to study at a university.

  • Started Studying Business Informatics (integrated degree program)

    With my Abitur in my hands I began to study business informatics in an integrated degree program. This means that I study and work in blocks. After a university time of six weeks, I work for another six weeks in the company. In addition to the three-and-a-half-year bachelor of science, I will also finish the officially accredited profession of Computer Science Expert with the subject area software development.

  • Launched Devstructor.com

    In 2016, I decided to complete my past tutorial work. This time, I wanted to learn from my previous mistakes. I developed this new website and rented a server. Moreover, I started a Lazarus tutorial series for beginners.

  • Launched VokabelMaster.de

    Originally the VokabelMaster was a university project. This web application is a learning platform for vocabulary. I published the VokabelMaster in April 2017. Since then, hundreds of users have registered and every day users learn their vocabulary. From time to time, I add new features to the VokabelMaster and continuously improve the platform.

    Website: VokabelMaster.de

  • Computer Science Expert - Subject Area: Software Development (grade excellent)

    As part of my integrated degree program, I passed the final examination for the officially accredited profession of Computer Science Expert - Subject Area: Software Development with the grade excellent.